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Good News and Bad News 5VlPi
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Good News and Bad News 5VlPi
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 Good News and Bad News

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PostSubject: Good News and Bad News   Good News and Bad News I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 16, 2013 3:33 pm

If anyone can notice, the "Quick-Reply" button doesn't work, right? Nor does the images if you use the or [img] tags. So, let's start of with the bad news.

Unfortunately, we don't know yet the reason why the forum is like that; however, by my memory, I noticed that the change happened when there was a change in domain name and since in the administrator's panel, it says that we still have 3 days to renew the credit, I'll try to observe if things go back to the way it is.

And no, this is not a preaching post for ANYONE to pay credits just for the domain to stay with .net because I don't want ANYONE spending their money on this forum because no one can guarantee its consistency except for me.

Anyway, along with the images, the use of emoticons would also be restricted to the chat box, because even the emoticons don't appear Sad<-- sad emoticon (Not sure if it will appear in this post or whatnot).

Now, there's always an upside to everything, right? Well, as head administrator, I managed to reason out why the Quick-Reply button is such a fucke.r Smile.

And that main reason relies on the word "Laziness", in comparison, if you really want to edit your post, you'd simply click on the "Edit" button, right? Well, by clicking on the reply button and waiting for loading, you can simply construct your message before regretting anything that will happen Very Happy...

I know it sucks... the reason, I mean, but most of you don't exactly memorized the whole codes, right? Unless you have no life like me

As for the whole images thing, I recently noticed I can use a code in order to bypass that rule, but it requires the use of CSS (Does not work for smilies, unfortunately), so the usage of images would be limited to ONLY the administrators and moderators (Requires permission from the administrators) in order for them to post the images.

Another factor which upgrades everything is the utilization of the chat box because you can still post images and smilies in the chat box Smile. (Please, do not post anything that's big enough in the chat box for it not to fit in since the html codes don't even work for it).

Well, I hope you can excuse us for our forum's bugs but even I can't solve that kinda crap :/. I already asked the help from people in forumotion and LG forum, including Irate whom I need to thank dearly for putting effort into checking all codes to see if they're viable for the errors and whatnot and stated that the forum recognizes the images AS links and not as image links which is why it disappears in the tags.

But, fear not, minions humans, I, as your administrator shall not give up in trying to find a solution for this half-witted problem!

For now, please enjoy the academy and what it has to offer Very Happy.

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Good News and Bad News 12twf
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Good News and Bad News

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