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New Testing System! 5VlPi
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Medieval Chaos Academy
Read the rules before registering 'cause...
New Testing System! 5VlPi
We're watching you...
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 New Testing System!

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New Testing System! Empty
PostSubject: New Testing System!   New Testing System! I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 3:28 pm

MCA Testing Guide
MCA Testing Guide

MCA Testing Guide

Hello, Guest ! If you're reading this, that means you've pondered around, aimlessly. Here at MCA,we don't do that: you join, wait in chat box for some tester to have time to test you, I mean, who wants that? I know I don't, so I've created this nifty little system to benefit all of us!

Once you join  MCA, you will notice in your profile a field labeled :  Chaos Drachmas. Chaos Drachmas represent the currency that is used at MCA. You will also notice that you are placed into the lowest dorm, but this doesn't mean you can't rank up. 

Once you hit 1000 Drachmas, you can request a test, using this testing format, then you will be placed into the dorm. You can then keep trying to test for higher and higher dorms, and it will even cost less every time! The price will go down 10 Drachmas every test.

You may be asking, "One, how do I, a user enjoying MCA, gain Drachmas?" I'll tell you how.

Posting in these sections
- Introductions :: Farewells
- Suggestions/Questions
- Deck Help
- Deck Discussions
- Card Discussions
- Rulings
- Marriage Zone
- Graphics Showcase

Participating in Arena Duels

- Users who win vs oppenants in higher dorms will receive more Drachmas than winning in the arena against an opponent in the same dorm
- If you win consecutive Arena duels, you gain extra Drachmas
- Even if you lose, you gain Drachmas.
Participating in Dice Games

Participating in Tournaments
- Tournaments require you to pay Drachmas
- You do not need to pay Drachmas to participate in Live Tournaments

Helping other users in the chat box
- If a staff member notices you being kind to a new member of MCA, helping them, you will receive a small amount of Drachmas
As you can see, they're more than enough ways to gain Drachmas to buy a test.


To avoid people abusing this, like skilled players being in lowest dorm, Abusing arena. They need to have a test every 3 months, this would be called "Testing Time" outside the regular testing. Only users that are Suspected to be better than they are will be required.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get some Drachmas!

Testing Rubric -
Testing Request -
Arena Rules -

P.S. To avoid people abusing the posts, the corresponding amount will be hidden and some may even depend on the moderator or any staff member operating on this. The points will personally be transferred by an administrator in that case.

Go get dem Drachmas

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New Testing System!

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