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 Chaos Duel Arena Rules

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Chaos Duel Arena Rules Empty
PostSubject: Chaos Duel Arena Rules   Chaos Duel Arena Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 15, 2013 4:01 pm

Guest , you've asked us how the hell Duel Arena works, right? Well, here's the jiz, there are 2 types, I repeat, 2 types, of Arena Duels: Gambling Duels and Battle Duels

Now, what are the differences between the 2 of them? Basically, in the Gambling Duels, a player wages his or her Chaos Drachmas and if ever he or she does lose the duel, it's all or nothing whereas the Battle Duels have the miscellaneous rules which are stated below, and even if you lose, you still gain 5 Chaos Drachmas.


  • Banned Decks : Exodia, Final Countdown, Stall, OTK, FTK - Applies for Gambling Duels as well

  • Match Duel or 2/3 Format and KDE Rules apply

CD distribution:


  • This would also be used backwards, so if a Fabled Elite VS Watapon, they receive 20 CD.

  • You can only duel the same person every 3 days.

The winner must post the results like this, and if not, the duel will be declared invalid

I used [Deck] and [Opponent] used [Deck]
Score : 2/3
Screenshots : (Screen shots of Duels 1 and 2 and siding

Good Games
After this, the opponent must confirm, (if screenshots are provided: a confirmation is not needed) but still appreciated.
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Chaos Duel Arena Rules

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