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What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) 5VlPi
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 What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial)

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What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) Empty
PostSubject: What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial)   What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 4:01 pm

What is Medieval Chaos Academy?

A lot may ask what is it and we would always reply with: "It is a dueling academy." and a lot would still ask: "What's that?", well, here's an explanation.

A dueling academy is a card game based academy from Konami's Yu-gi-oh!. Now, what precisely do Duel Academies do? Their main function is to teach players how to play the game along with rulings, card discussion, etc.

Moreover, a dueling academy can also help other types of academies and have wars against them or another team, Based from what would be decided upon by the members.

What makes Medieval Chaos Academy unique from other conventional Duel Academies?

For starters, we've got a wide range of programs that we use to play Yu-gi-oh!: Kaiba Corp, Duel Monsters Genesis, Dueling Network and YGOPro. We all accommodate those games here; however, the vast majority tends to play in the Dueling Network since it is the easiest type of way on doing things and the not downloading part unlike the other games stated above.

Another thing is our one and only Marriage Zone. No academies have it and it is used mainly for the accommodation of couples who are from the internet to get married here.

Top Ranked academy: It doesn't need explanation because Medieval Chaos Academy is a part of one of the best Duel Academies which existed, especially in our golden age back in 2012!

What are the types of tournaments Medieval Chaos Academy do?

Medieval Chaos Academy has 3 types of tournaments:

1. Hall of Fame Tournament/Live Tournament
2. Lion Pride Tournament/Official Tournament
3. Gambling Tournament/Battle Arena Tournament

Hall of Fame tournaments are tournaments known as rush tournaments. Medieval Chaos Academy is known to have an outstanding record of hosting 7 HOF tournaments in a row in a span of 24 hours with each arose a champion.

Lion Pride Tournaments are tournaments hosted weekly with the exemption of a hiatus for players then it would reside in a cancellation due to inactivity.

Gambling Tournaments are tournaments for winning Chaos Drachmas, etc.

Do take note that there will be a ranking table to be made here so that all players would be rated based from their number of wins.

So with all that information given...

Let's now dwell on the tutorial once you're in the academy!

Tutorial for Medieval Chaos Academy

Now, a lot of people wonder, mostly new, how to operate in an academy, right? Well, the first thing to usually do is make an introduction. To do this, you must click on the Introductions :: Farewells thread and then click on the "New Topic" like so:

Now, to reply to that, when you want to reply to someone on a specific post, Please just type in a reply in the box or click on reply to type it with better edits, like so:

Chronologically, the required area which needs to be posted on once you join are the following:

1. Introductions :: Farewells
2. Test Requests
3. Your dormitory once you got tested

And then you can join tournaments, events, role plays, and the like.

Since we're done, enjoy your stay here in Medieval Chaos Academy!

Come on and join Medieval Chaos Academy today!!!

This is a message from your head administrator and owner, Token Gay! Have fun, Guest!

What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) Untitled_1
What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) JUgpawp

What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) 12twf
Did you seriously think you can beat me?
What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) 12twf


What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) 12twf
Time to repent for your sins.
What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial) 12twf
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What is Medieval Chaos Academy? (Information and Tutorial)

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